January 15, 2021

Common Info
We offer one of several most extensive lines of specialty Upkeep Cost-free roller chain items readily available to fi t a broad array of special application demands. Designers can decide on the series that finest fi ts the individual requires in the application. These chains really should be specifi ed only when circumstances prohibit the usage of lubricating oil due to the fact, on the whole, a effectively lubricated standard chain will off er longer lifestyle compared having a upkeep free chain. In some applications having said that lubrication isn?¡¥t possible and so using a self lubricated or sealed roller chain is important.
Standard Properties of Maintenance Totally free Roller Chain Goods
Sintered Bushed (SL-Series) Chains
Oil impregnated powdered metal sintered bushings release oil to the chain joint because of the friction formulated involving the pin and bushing because the chain articulates over the sprocket teeth. These chains are rollerless and therefore use thick sectioned powdered metal bushings which might hold a high volume of oil.
PT Kind Roller Chains
Oil impregnated powdered metal sintered bushings release oil for the chain joint as a result of friction developed among the pin and bushing as the chain articulates in excess of the sprocket teeth. These chains possess rollers to smooth the action more than sprocket teeth. Roller website link plates are one particular size thicker to improve strength. Side plates and pins have special coatings to prevent rust.
C-Type Roller Chains
Very same as above except that the side plates are all regular thickness. The power on the CS Style chains is lower than the PT Style but better compared to the SL style. Attachments with standard dimen-sions can be utilized for this series and so they can be generally utilized on small materials managing conveyors.
P-Ring Chains
Specifi ed on smaller pitch roller chains O-Ring chains employ a rubber seal to maintain lubricating grease in while avoiding the penetration of grime and also other contaminants in to the pin/bush-ing bearing location.
Seal Guard Roller Chains
Specifi ed on greater pitch roller chains Seal Guard chains utilize a stainless steel seal to keep lubricating grease in although avoiding the penetration of dirt as well as other contaminants in to the pin/bushing bearing spot.