micro planetary gear motor

The micro plastic gearmotor’s Micro Planetary Gear Motor output shaft works with with our 14 mm wheels. We don’t have any brackets because of this gearmotor, and it does not possess any installation holes, but its compact size makes it simple to fasten with tape or glue. Additionally, since this gearmotor is usually nearly the same size as a 1/4″ fuse, it could be mounted using standard 1/4″ (6 mm) fuse clips.

Motor accessories

The following diagram shows the micro plastic gearmotor dimensions in mm. The planetary gearbox includes a D-shaped plastic output shaft, which is 2 mm in diameter with a section that’s flattened by 0.5 mm. The “D” portion of the shaft is definitely 2.5 mm long. The motor actions 6 mm in diameter and 9 mm long, and the gearbox size, labeled “L” in the diagram below, depends upon the apparatus ratio. The 26:1 gearbox is usually 7.1 mm long, as the 136:1 option measures 9.4 mm. The motor leads come with their tips pre-stripped and extend around 2 cm (0.8″) from the trunk of the motor.

Gearmotor dimensions

Because the gearmotor’s output shaft is nylon, there can be small variances in the diameter from unit to unit. These variations might cause press-suit attachments like our 14 mm wheel to fit loosely in some instances. If you experience a loose fitting, you could attempt swapping tires or using a little dab of glue to greatly help hold the wheel on.