agricultural gearboxes

agricultural gearbox

bevel gearboxes appear in a wide range of HP capacities. Pick from existing ratios and shaft configurations or personalize them to satisfy your application demands. Our Application Engineers will perform with you to comprehend your software demands and size the proper gearbox for your application. If your software calls for a custom generate remedy, our engineers will work you to layout a bevel gearbox that meets your actual application to lessen stress and dress in on your equipment and extend services life.

Design and style Characteristics:
• Customizable shaft configurations up to one.75” [forty five mm] diameter on enter shaft and 2.00” [fifty mm] diameter on output shaft
• Available ratios (other ratios obtainable upon request)
• Straight bevel – 1:one, one.eighteen:one, 1.35:one, 1.86:1
• Max HP ranking
• 540 rpm = 108 HP
• 1000 rpm = 192 HP
• Rugged forged iron design
• Integral nose cone for enhanced toughness
• Tapered roller bearings
• Double lip spring loaded seals

Available Options:
• Left/Proper/T shaft configurations
• Double gearbox preparations
• Internal shifting – (forward – neutral)
• Viton seals
• Pressure reduction

Software examples:
• Grain Cart
• Tillers
• Manure Spreader
• Bale Processor

agricultural gearbox

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