December 8, 2020

YS Series three-Phase asynchronous Motors
Standard introduction
YS series three-phase asynchronous motors are designed and manufactured in accordance towards the nationwide unified regular. It’s the characteristics of large efficiency, vitality conserving, lower noise, very little vibration, long support life, simple maintenance and huge breakaway torque. It adopts class B insulation, IP 44 of safety degree and cooling mode of IC411. Rated voltage: 380V, Rated frequency: 50HZ. This series motors are widely applied to food machineries, blower followers together with other machinery equipments.

YD Series multi-speed three-Phase asynchronous Motors
Standard introduction
This series motors are built and produced under incorporating the advantages of the throughout the world counterparts, and are in complete conformity with worldwide normal of IEC. This series motors applied the method of changing the pole numbers to carry out pace adjustment in order that they have great functions like modest volume, lighter excess weight, reduced noise, properly starting up functionality, dependable operation, simple maintenance, etc. The primary technical indexes have reached the international technical conventional.
The series motors are widely utilized in various mechanical products which need stepped speed adjustment; It enable the equipments to have compact construction, lower noise and skill of power saving.
Simultaneously, multi-speed motors with specific specification could be developed and manufactured in accordance towards the specifications of customer, this kind of as multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor for YDT fans and pumps. Degree of safety: IP44, or IP54, or IP55; Rated voltage: 380V, rated frequency: 50HZ.