Mechanical chain

Installation & Commissioning:
We’ve a technical team made up of experienced engineers. They’ll be sent for commissioning, installation and training your staff.

Product Maintenance:
Before product delivery, it really is generally 2-2.5 meters, and the conveyor chain is simple to be installed and replaced. It can also be built with a chain disassembly device, which will not take up space, does not hurt the quality of the chain, and it can easily disassemble and install the chain.
Quality Warranty:
The warranty period of chain conveyor is full 24 months since the customer receiving it. Anytime, if there is any problem, we’ll provide a solution by emails or calls within 24 hours, if the problem can’t be solved, we’ll send out engineers to solve on site.

Remarkable Advantages:
Select high-quality raw materials for processing, using advanced and sophisticated processing devices and optimized heat therapy procedure, strictly control each creation process to guarantee the high quality of the merchandise. This product is matched with precision, and the chain plate holes are processed by a milling machine, which makes the sleeve and pins with high precision, and the effective contact area can reach a lot more than 90%. It avoids the defects that chain deformation and chain use because of the indegent match. Our chain conveyor has the advantages of reliable work, wide application range, lengthy service life, and it can be replaced in one section, which greatly saves production and operation costs.

Processing Technology:
1. Material acceptance: before entering the workshop, the size, texture, heat therapy condition of the material will be inspected.
2. Sawing machine: reducing the material to have the roller, pin, and sleeve.
3. Finishing: further processing for chain plate, roller, pin, and sleeve
4. Heat treatment: mind treatment for chain plate, roller, pin, and sleeve to meet production requirement.
5. Inspection: hardness, mirror evaluation, size inspection review.