January 7, 2021

Single pitch chain
This chain is linked by hollow pins, plus the hollows might be made use of to attach several attachments. In hollow pin chain, the hollow pins would be the similar as the bushings with the corresponding typical chain in diameter, so hollow pin chain could be regarded as bushing chain that has bushings of the exact same diameter as that on the rollers from the corresponding common chain.
Normal sprockets could be made use of.
The connecting backlinks are exclusive snap ring sorts for hollow pin chain as illustrated.
Considering the fact that no offset website link is available, the quantity of links ought to be an even number.
Flexible Chain
Versatile Chain has good sideward bending flexibility and is appropriate for curved traveling. Sprockets for JIS/ANSI Common Roller Chain might be used for this chain. By fixing attachments, this chain is often used for curved transfer with conveyors.
Flat Sort Roller Chain
This chain is suited for conveyor methods because it has flat plates that bring about very little injury to parts such as chain guides. (The kinds of outer plates and inner plates would be the very same.)