March 3, 2021

JDLB series high precision worm gear is an excellent substitute for
precision planetary gearbox, the equipment manufacturer can
substantially decrease the price of working with precision planetary gearbox.
Hollow output with shrink disc, high precision, for effortless integration.
Output with keyway, handy installation, quick integration.
Reliable shaft output (single, double), higher stiffness, standard solution.
The designer’s best resolution will be to rotate 90 degrees to install the servo motor drive systems.
Worm shaft in series may be driven by 1 motor to achieve synchronous output of numerous worm wheels. It’s been made use of in
automatic polishing cell phone shell and various equipments.
Optimized get hold of pattern
* Advanced processing technology and precision assembly to make sure the correct meshing on the tooth and cut down speak to anxiety of the tooth surface.
* Special worm wheel bronze alloy helps make the teeth have high strength and excellent put on resistance.
* With a big ratio of tooth surface get hold of, worm wheel will not be straightforward to put on, it could possibly preserve the locked backlash.
Optimized adjustment construction
* Rapidly setting backlash.
* Larger stiffness and precision.
* Patent structure.
Upkeep free
* Higher performance synthetic lubricant.
* Closed construction, no require to exchange lubricant oil.
Rapidly set up servo motor
* Large stiffness and minimal inertia coupling for servo motor.
* A range of flanges can be matched using the servo motor.
Set up two taper roller bearings with which have longer services lives.
* Eliminates worm shaft alignment challenges.
* Bearing pre-tight installation, with higher help stiffness.
Worm shaft working with Taper roller bearings.
* Set up two taper roller bearings with which have longer services lives.
* Eliminates worm shaft alignment complications.
* Bearing pre-tight set up, with increased assistance stiffness.
Output torsional backlash accessible in 2 ranges:
* Ultra precision: 1 arc minute for your most demanding applications.
* Precision: 2 to 4 arc minutes an excellent compromise selling price and high quality.
Housing with gravity casting
* High strength Aluminum Alloy casting and heat therapy.
* Superior rigidity and reduced weight.
* Attractive shape and Fantastic climate resisting home.